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Sod Grass in Austin


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Sod and Lawn in Austin

We install sod grass in Austin and the surrounding areas.

Installing a lawn can be a lifetime investment, adding to the value of your property and providing areas for recreation and relaxation. Proper installation begins with detailed prep work and quality soil. Sweetwater Landscape and Projects always recommends a layer of high quality soil before laying sod.

Sod – Immediate Grass

Sod, or turf, is the fastest way to create a beautiful useable lawn. Newly laid sod can look like a normal lawn within a few weeks and can be ready for normal use and recreation within a month.

Your Choices of Grass Sod in Austin Include:

  • Zoysia
  • Bermuda
  • St. Augustine
  • Buffalo

Hydromulch – Inexpsensive Grass

Hydromulch is a less expensive option than sod if you can wait for your lawn to reach full functionality. Essentially, hydromulch is composed of grass seed, fiber mulch, fertilizer, and water. The mix is sprayed over prepared soil and usually sprouts within 10-14 days. When maintainted correctly a hydromulched lawn will look like a sod lawn in only a matter of months.

Your Hydromulch Choices Include:

  • Bermuda (different varieties)
  • Native Grass Mix
  • Wildflower Mix

Call us at (512) 423-6177 or contact us online for a free quote for your new grass sod in Austin.